Genesis Electronic Point Of Sale or G-POS is a fully integrated EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale), capable of handling over 2000 products; you can sort your product range into categories: some popular categories are party packages, walk in games, food and drink. Products can be added quickly with features such as: kitchen order, tick this option for food; and the order will print in the kitchen along with a unique order number.

Line modifier: this option can be used to modify an item, such as no onion or extra cheese. Linked with the membership system, you can apply different discount rates for different member types i.e. 10% for silver members and 20% for gold members.

Payments can be received via six different payment methods including cash and credit card. Also see Member Pay on the Membership page.

Access to the Genesis software can be controlled and users limited to specific sections: only allow the manager to open the cash draw or give refunds? No problem! Prefer not to give marshals access to Membership or G-POS? Simply check or un-check the relevant boxes.

G-POS also offers the ability to sell gift cards; these are preprinted cards, the gifted amount can be added to the card on purchase. Like the membership cards, gift cards are also contactless.