Hydra controls audio, video, lighting and anything that can be automated; our engineers will design Hydra to your specification. Your specifications can be updated at any time, giving you full flexibility.

Audio control: auto play arena music as the game starts and stops. Front of house music including advertising, briefing audio or announcements.

Video control: in its simplest form, Hydra can control a single video scoreboard. However, Hydra can also control over 200 video screens. This includes briefing room, café price boards, reception displays, window displays and much more.

Lighting control: control arena lighting so they turn on and off with the game and change depending on different game circumstances. Lighting control is not limited to the arena; any light in the building can be controlled with Hydra. Additional control equipment may be required.

Other automation: automatic doors add a great effect, mechanical structures/mannequins, compressed air outlets, smoke machines, dry ice - all used in most theme parks.