Membership has been an integral part of laser tag since its origin: in the 80s you had to become a member before you could play! These days membership is used in different ways and the Genesis membership system is designed to work for all types of membership structures.

The membership system is able to print a contactless photo card with the player’s non confidential details.

Details included on the membership page; member record; details of the member’s full name, nickname, age, etc. This information can be used for marketing if the member doesn’t opt out.

Player histories: all the players’ games are listed including total games played and average scores. Membership Account shows any transactions that have been made that are linked to the member’s account.

Another cool feature is Member Pay: customers with membership can add funds to their account and use their card to purchase any item within your facility, i.e. a parent can add €20 credit to their child’s membership card, enabling them to purchase food, drink and games.