Multiple Weapon Modes

Q2000 has 8 weapon modes, keeping your customers interested has never been so easy. A customer favourite is Autofire; a fully automatic mode shooting up to 8 shots per second. The Q2000 gun can run for 16 hours of game play on a single charge.



Tough & Robust

The Q2000 equipment is tough, robust and proven in the market place. Meno have heavily invested into the research and development of our equipment with an emphasis on functionality and design.

Guns are made from super hard wearing injection moulded plastic. The softplay systems is supplied as gun only systems, as vests are not appropriate for this type of environment.



Complete Control

Our latest game control software is feature packed and can run stand alone or integrate with all the modules in the G-POS Point Of Sale system.

With saveable game formats you can have a game running in seconds.


The Q2000 softplay system includes:

Between 12 - 40 guns
Computer and game software
Printer (for score sheets and reports)
Charge system
Operation and technical training
Full 12 months parts and labour warranty
There are no hidden extras!





Repair & Servicing

Q2000 comes with full technical and operational training, enabling customers to repair Q2000 equipment. Q2000 has a very simple plug'n'play system to allow most repairs to be carried out onsite. If the repair is too complex to be carried out on site, it can be returned to Meno where the repair will be carried out asap.

All our equipment is supplied with 12 months parts and labour warranty, with the option of a maintenance package.

Meno have a comprehensive online spare parts store.


Payment Options

Purchase the equipment outright, lease, or revenue share: don't pay a penny to install our system, simple share the revenue with us.*

*subject to availability, only available in the UK