Cash Register

The G-POS cash register can store over 2000 products, available at the touch of a screen via a simple interface. G-POS can be connected to a receipt printer, bar code scanner, ID card reader, display pole, cash draw and much more.


Booking Diary

View available slots at a glance, add or move bookings quickly and easily. Take payment at the touch of a screen and finish by sending an auto confirmation email, thanks to the seamless integration of all the modules in the G-POS system.




Run retail reports for any period, with filters by terminal, staff member or product category. Review totals and graphs on-screen, print reports or export data for use with an external accounting package or spreadsheet.



Members receive a personalised photo ID card. G-POS can link all games and activity to a member's account. G-POS can automatically give members a discount if required, a simple way to ensure customer loyalty. A customer database can also be invaluable for marketing purposes.


More Than One Terminal?

The G-POS system can run multiple terminals over a network; have a terminal at reception, in the cafe and at the bar. You can also control and monitor the laser game from any terminal.

Another popular feature is the ability to access the system from the back office or remotely, for reporting, monitoring of games, or to see how today's profit is looking.



Personalised Membership Cards

Offer your members personalised electronic membership cards which can be used to identify them to the EPOS and game systems. Members may be offered a prepaid account for in-store spending, which can be topped up (an online top-up option will be available in the future). Assign members to groups for marketing or alternative pricing plans, and to leagues for local and inter-site competition.


Personalised Membership Cards

With our ID card printing system you are able to print staff and members photo ID cards


Gift Cards

Up-sell with electronic gift cards of any denomination. Industry standard proximity cards may be pre-printed in bulk, or printed using the optional ID card printer.